YUMI makes the creation of multiboot usb drives a piece of cake however if you were like me a crucial weapon in your IT arsenal is missing… Yes i’m talking about Norton Ghost!

To prepare Norton Ghost Rescue Image follow the steps bellow, for further details please refer to the original post.

You will need Norton Ghost 15 and Symantec Recovery Disk ISO image which can be found HERE.

1. After the download is finished, extract the image to a folder, by default the name of the folder will be the same as the name of the ISO image (NGH1501_AllWin_English_SrdOnly).

2. Start Norton Ghost and open the tab Tools then click Create Custom Recovery Disk CD.

3. Follow the screens till the program asks for the Source Location “Specify the media location to an existing Symantec Recovery Disk”, in this step you should point to the folder where you have extracted the Symantec Recovery Disk ISO (NGH1501_AllWin_English_SrdOnly). Hit next.

4. Choose to save an ISO file, by default the name will be SymantecSrd.iso

5. In the next screens you may add any drivers you want, customize your time zone, change the keyboard layout and configure your networks settings. Besides that you should provide a valid key so all features on the CD will be available.

6. Once you have filled all the previous details a summary screen will appear. After you confirm it will be a matter of time till the iso is ready.

7. Now that the image is created we should add it to YUMI to do so, select the drive letter, scroll down to the option “Try an Unlisted ISO” and click Browse. Open SymantecSrd.iso click Create to finish.

8. Now that the USB drive is ready fire up Virtual Box or reboot your pc to test it. If everything goes as expected you should get a screen that resembles the following one.