How to create a Multiboot USB Drive?

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The other day i was reading some feeds and found this tip that you might find useful


Uninstaller gone bad

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If a program is still displayed in the “Add or Remove Programs Tool” after removal open the registry:

  1. Windows Key + R type regedit then press Enter
  2. Open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and make a backup prior to do any changes
  3. Find the program that you wish to remove from the list (DisplayName key represents the name that is displayed on the tool)
  4. To remove it right click the node and then click delete


Waiter! Could I have the menu bar in Windows 7, please?

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The new appearance of Windows is much cleaner however i find myself searching for features that in the past were in front of my eyes.
One of the things i miss is the menu bar in windows explorer fortunately there is a shortcut that makes the old File Edit menu appear.

Next time simply press the Alt key and the menu will be right below the address bar!

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