Wouldn’t be cool if your backup media stores not only your data but also your favorite backup software? In this tutorial we’ll see how to install Cobian Backup on a portable disk or usb flash drive.

1. First of all get the setup from the official site

2. Double-click “cbSetup.exe” and follow the setup screens. Create a folder in your portable media and name it “Cobian” for example

3. Uncheck all the boxes and point to the previously created folder. Click Next

4. Choose “Application (no Auto-Start)” (remember that our main objective is to have a computer-independent installation). Proceed

5. The program starts once the setup finishes, close it. Now the tricky part… all the settings including the backup profiles are stored in a file called MainList.lst, this file is located in the “DB” directory right in the installation folder. This works great as long as your portable hard disk or usb flash drive maintains the drive letter but, as you know, the mapping is a little bit unpredictable.  So we could change the setting’s absolute path by a relative one, to do so open “cbEngine.ini” which is located inside the “Settings” folder

6.Change the highlighted path to “DB\MainList.lst” and you have a portable version of Cobian Backup